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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hershey Bar Wrappers Make Your Give-Away an Advertising Win.

Convention floors are full of businesses all trying to promote their products and services. Since large conventions often attract thousands of people, its a great way to introduce new people to your business, but each of those people are being inundated by other companies just as eager to make an impression. The competition to stand out at conferences, conventions and tradeshows has led companies to give things away and coined the popular convention term S.W.A.G. (Stuff We All Get.)
The customers you are targeting are just as keen to get freebies as you are to hand them out.  However, a lot of companies miss a great advertising opportunity by giving away S.W.A.G that is not appealing to their potential customers. Stickers or magnets with your company information are likely to be thrown away.  Business cards and buttons usually won't get picked up in the first place.  Pens are useful, but so common on a convention floor that they don't stand out.  
Candy is a big hit at a convention because people enjoy candy for themselves, and it is also something they can bring home to their children.  However, giving away a piece of candy does not guarantee that anyone will remember your business, unless of course you have custom hershey bar wrappers with your business information right on the chocolate.

Custom wrappers are a great way to get your information in the hands of your new customers. People are always amazed to see a custom Hershey bar wrapper.  It is the kind of S.W.A.G. that is likely to get shown around a little simply because of the novelty. You can create the design of the wrapper front and back so it perfectly represents your company.  You can make it bold, funny or informational, even experiment with different designs to see which is the most popular.

If you're ready to try a unique form of advertising that will be remembered by your customers contact us and find out how simple it is to customize your own Hershey bar wrappers.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Custom Wrappers Add a Personal Touch To Back-To-School Parties

The kids will soon be headed back to school for another year of learning, friendships, and memories. A back-to-school party is a great way to kick off the occasion and get to know new classmates. It is easy to plan a school-themed party using school supplies as the decorations and as the basis for snacks and activities. Custom wrappers can give your party an added personal touch--perfect for getting to know all those new friends. Here are a few ways to use custom wrappers in your celebration.
Party Favors--A candy bar wrapped in our school theme wrapper is the perfect party favor. Customize the wording with the school, teacher's name, and year. Students can enjoy the candy and then save the wrapper as a special keepsake.
Calling Cards--Personalize mini candy bars with your child's name and contact information. These can then be used as calling cards to pass out to your child's new classmates.  
Calendars--Our wrappers can be customized on both the front and the back for endless personalization options. Consider adding a calendar of upcoming events to the back of the wrapper as a fun reminder of field trips, class parties, or other important dates.
Inspiration--Motivate the kids at your party with an inspirational quote or encouraging words. For example, our "Bee Sweet" design is ideal for promoting reading. Personalize it with a  saying such as "Today a reader, tomorrow a leader" or "The more you read, the more you know" for a sweet, motivational message.
Show School Spirit--A candy bar wrapped with the school's team logo is a great way to show your school spirit and support your team. This design is also perfect for a team party or to celebrate homecomings, victories, and other events.
No matter how you incorporate our custom wrappers into your back-to-school celebration, we can help with all the details. Contact us today for more information or for help in designing the perfect wrapper for your needs.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Baby Shower Favors for Grandparent Baby Showers

Grandparent baby showers are catching on, and these parties need their own kind of baby shower favors. Delicious chocolate bars in custom wrappers are one great choice for modern grandmothers and grandfathers to share the joy with their loved ones.
Why Have a Grandparent Baby Shower? It's one fun way to celebrate a major milestone in the life of your family. Plus, if you have other grandparents on the guest list you can learn from their experiences, especially if it's been a long time since you've cared for a baby. When it comes to gifts, you may look forward to getting stuff you can use when the baby comes to visit like onesies for now or story books for later. On the other hand, guests could be told that the pleasure of their company is all that is desired.
What Can You Put on Your Baby Shower Favor Wrappers? Play up the grandparent theme with quotations or jokes about the subject. Browse online or read through grandparent magazines for ideas. Put the spotlight on your growing family with pictures of the expectant parents or photos of your other grandchildren. You could also go with any baby images just like a regular baby shower. Popular choices include baby booties, storks, teddy bears and rubber duckies.

How about the Other Arrangements? The rules about immediate family not hosting a shower have grown more flexible over the years so it's up to you. In any case, it's wise to check with the parents before making any plans to be sure they're okay with the idea. If so, you can go ahead with suitable decorations, refreshments, music and games.

Contact us for chocolate bar favors for all your traditional celebrations and more novel occasions. Customized candy wrappers add the perfect touch to every gathering.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Birthday Party Favors and Gifts

It is summer and the season of weddings, birthdays, and backyard bbq's. Do you want to make your party different? Dreading the birthday party favors and even gifts? Struggling to come up with an original idea?  Try a personalized candy bar and see the delight on everyone's faces.
Birthday party favor bags usually contain a bunch of junk from a dollar store. Usually the candy in the treat bag is the highlight for my kids, so why not design special treats in which the candy is the overall treat? Get rid of bags and all the useless, cheap toys and go for something more.
Personalized Candy Wrappers

Candy bar birthday favors can be for young children or adults. For a youngster's party, you can pick out a character design and even personalize each bar for your guests. A one-year old celebration can be celebrated with one year old personalized candy bar treats!
Sweet 16 happening at your house? Delight all of the girls with a bar with their name on it, or a phrase that is said most by your sweet 16 year old. Either way, guests will squeal when they see these treats waiting for them.
Is it a 21st birthday party that you are attending? Make festive "drinks" on the candy bar label! Give that 21 year old something more to remember, rather than just a hangover. Put recipes of delicious drinks on the wrapper, or make the wrapper look like the wrapper of something a little more sultry!
Finally, over the hill parties to attend? Put words of wisdom or jokes on candy bars. Fill a basket full of this "advice" and give to the lucky partier. They will surely be happy to receive this unsolicited advice that they can peel off and keep forever.

Personalized candy bar labels will make the best birthday party favors and gifts. Use these wrappers to make your guests laugh and chuckle and for the shining star to smile themselves. For more information, please contact us.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Promotional Wrappers on Candy Bars are a Sweet Advertisement for Your Business

Businesses come up with all sorts of ways to get their name out in the community, but most of them are pretty boring. Pens, calendars, and magnets are given out generously, so much so that they are basically ignored. For a marketing tool that gets some attention, consider promotional candy wrappers.
A gift of candy is unexpected. Instead of handing clients a business card, imagine the smile you will get when they realize they have a sweet gift wrapped in a custom label with your company's information. Or, if you have a lot of walk-in traffic, a bowl at the front desk with some miniature candy bars with promotional wrappers will attract attention more than a dish of old sticky mints.

We offer many options depending on what works best for your situation. We can provide:
               wrappers only, for you to use on whatever product you enjoy
               full-sized Hershey bars wrapped in your custom design
               wrapped miniature Hershey bars
               wrapped full-size Belgian chocolate bars
               Wrappers for Breathsaver mint rolls
If you're looking for something very unique and different, we can make custom gifts out of chocolate. Imagine chocolate designed specifically with your business in mind, engraved with your own logo. Whether you're an auto dealer who wants a car-shaped chocolate with your company logo on it, or a church that would like a cross with your name engraved on it, we can meet your needs.

If you're looking for a boost in marketing or just looking for a way to thank your customers, chocolate wrapped in custom-designed labels are a way to get the word out. They are easy to design, and we can help you with all the details. To get started, simply contact us.

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Put Some Personal Sis Boom Bah into Your July Birthday Party Favors

With July birthdays on the horizon, now is the time to decide which party favors to use for all of your upcoming fetes. Why not use something personal this year, like custom candy bar wrappers? They make wonderful birthday party favors. And they may be used as birthday party invitations, place cards, balloon weights, table centerpieces and more.
Because Independence Day also takes place this month, you could opt to go with a fireworks theme. Select a preexisting wrapper design from our gallery that features fireworks and the American Flag or create a new one. Creating a new design for your birthday party favors is easy. Go through your family photo albums and look for a favorite photo from a previous fireworks celebration.
If you can’t find one at home, go online and look for JPEG photos or graphics that are available for common use. Sometimes you’ll also find great ones listed as public domain. The list of places to look for such images includes Morgue File and Wylio. Just make sure that you read all of the instructions and follow them to the letter. And remember, copyright photos are off limits.

Once you’ve managed to select the perfect fireworks photo, come up with a great message to put onto your birthday party favors. You could keep it simple by using just a birthday greeting or choose to be more elaborate. Examples include using personal birthday poems, catch phrases or a one-of-a-kind tribute note.
Next, choose which colors and text style would complement the fireworks photo and messaging. Then sketch out which layouts you think would work best or ask us for assistance. We offer custom birthday party favor design services for an additional fee. So don’t worry if you can’t figure out how to bring all of the desired elements together. We’ll gladly help.

For more information about our customizable, birthday party favors, please contact us. Our Sweet Wrappings team may be reached by e-mail or by calling (800) 449-3948.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Reveal the Gender of your Baby with a Personalized Chocolate Wrapper

One of the most exciting moments in a pregnancy is when the couple finds out the gender of their little bundle of joy.  The only thing more exciting than finding out for themselves is sharing the news with all of their friends and family.  But instead of just sharing this information via facebook or twitter, why not make this news even more memorable and reveal the gender with a personalized chocolate wrapper?
Sweet Wrappings customized wrappers is a perfect addition to any gender reveal party.  With the array of design patterns, you’re sure to find one that matches the motif of your party whether its pink ruffles and lace to announce your darling daughter or blue sailboats to welcome your bouncing baby boy. In addition to the themes featured on our site, you have the option of creating your own design.  Sweet Wrappings even lets you incorporate your own photos.  (A picture of the expectant couple would be a nice touch.) To create a candy keepsake, be sure to print the date and location.  Once your guests have eaten the chocolate bar, they have the wrapper as a memento to keep or place in their scrapbook. (The grandparents are sure to appreciate that!)

If you really want to keep your guests in suspense, don’t reveal the gender on the front of the wrapper. Instead, write a mysterious message like “He or She? Turn Over and See.”  Then, print your announcement the reverse side of the label for a real surprise!  Another fun and interactive way to keep your friends and family guessing is to fill a piñata with some bite-sized chocolates that are personalized with our mini message wrappers.  Imagine the fun your guests will experience when the piñata opens and they are showered with the gender-revealing candy.

Sharing the gender of your baby should be more than just a text or a conversation.  It should be an experience and with you Sweet Wrappings personalized candy wrappers, it’s sure to be an experience you and your guests can savor.  For further information contact us.

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