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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Put Your Family Christmas Photo on a Custom Candy Bar Wrapper

Why settle for printing your family Christmas photo on an ordinary piece of paper when you could put it on a custom candy bar wrapper instead? Imagine how much better it will be to see your smiling faces on top of a delicious piece of chocolate.
What’s so great about custom candy bars for Christmas? A tasty piece of chocolate is going to stand out in a crowd of ordinary greeting cards or email messages. Scientists haven’t determined the exact figures, but it’s safe to say that most people would rather eat chocolate than a standard greeting card. You won’t have any trouble finding enough people who want chocolate, but if you had any leftovers you could even eat them yourself.

How are you going to share your custom candy bars? Give them to any of the family, friends and coworkers who usually receive a card. Make your year end gratuities more personal. Give your hair stylist and gardener a chocolate bar along with the tip. You may even get better service all year long.
When someone presents you with an unexpected gift you can reciprocate with a chocolate bar instead of being caught empty handed. When someone tells you they are trying to simplify the season by cutting back on gift exchanges, a chocolate bar is a nice way to show you care without going overboard.
Plus, the holidays are prime time for networking. Carry around a supply of candy bars to thank the people who’ve helped you in the past and introduce yourself to new contacts.

You are swamped with so many extra tasks during the busy holiday season. Contact us so we can simplify one item on your list.  Designing custom chocolate bars is our business so we can work with any ideas you have or provide suggestions for creating a thoughtful little gift that will please all your friends and family.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Personalized Candy: Perfect for Your Baby's Gender Reveal

After the official pregnancy announcement, the biggest news you have to share is your baby's gender. Hence, you need to make an occasion out of it. Don't just blurt out the gender of your baby; share the news in style. Use personalized candy for your baby's gender reveal.
Perfect as a Party Favor
If you're planning on having a party to reveal the gender of your baby to those you care about, then you'll definitely want to have a customized party favor to give to everyone who attends the party. With Sweet Wrapping's personalized candy, you get to decide what goes on the candy's wrapping paper. You can choose words and images that will help to proclaim whether your baby's a boy or a girl. After receiving the party favor from you, not only will your party guests be able to eat the candy, but they'll be able to keep the personalized wrapping as a souvenir.

Great to Send to Family and Friends
Not having a party to announce your baby's gender, but don't feel like using social media to tell your family and friends? Let them know with a gift in the mail. They'll appreciate you taking the time to share the special news with them and will have the wrapping to remind them about it for years.
Ideal for Keeping as a Memorabilia for Yourself

When ordering candy customized to share the news of your baby's gender, don't forget to order one for yourself. Years from now, when the baby's all grown up, you'll want to have the candy wrapper as a memorabilia. So definitely try to remember that when you contact us about getting personalized candy for your baby's gender reveal.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Promotional Candy Wrappers for Giving Thanks: Gratitude's Gotten Sweeter

The Thanksgiving rush is flapping its way into view and we can’t think of a better moment in time to show valued customers some gratitude. Can you? Although there are about as many ways to say thanks as there are to prepare a holiday feast, we think the sweetest way to communicate appreciation is through promotional candy wrappers. Like those meals we’re all looking forward to, they’re totally customizable and will likely leave recipients feeling like their part of one large, joyous family.
Our promotional candy wrappers come with your choice of paper sleeves, foils and sizes. The Belgian chocolate bar wrappers with gold or silver foils would be nice to hand out to loyal customers that shop often and place big orders. We’ve also got full size Hershey® and Hershey’s® Miniatures that would make lovely tokens of appreciation for small or medium size accounts. Plus, we can slightly alter some of the paper sleeves so they’d be appropriate for employees, long-time vendors and others who deserve to know that they’re valued.

Since Thanksgiving is an autumn holiday, the promotional candy wrappers could feature subtle references to the season or very bold ones. For a subtle reference, stick with the gold foils and choose paper sleeves festooned with colors normally found in the fall. For a bolder approach, go with graphics that are undeniably seasonal in nature. The extended list includes, but doesn’t drop off with bare trees, leaves and garden rakes.
If you want to go all out and show Thanksgiving specific images instead, feel free. We should also mention that our promotional candy wrappers may be designed to include a blank space on the back of each wrapper. They are a smart, easy way to include one-of-a-kind, handwritten thank-you notes with each chocolate bar. To learn more about them and other ways to give thanks with chocolate, please contact us.

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Friday, October 31, 2014

Kick Your Family's Kwanzaa Celebrations Up a Notch with Candy Bar Wrappers

Have you glanced at your online calendar lately? In case you haven’t noticed, Kwanzaa is quickly approaching. So you might want to start pulling out the Kinara, candles, mkeka and kikombe cha umoja in the next few weeks to make sure that everything is still in excellent condition. It’s also a good time to think about the series of gifts involved and the menu. With that in mind, why not kick your family’s Kwanzaa celebrations up a notch with festive, candy bar wrappers awash in traditional colors and symbolism?
The entire family could come up with their own Kwanzaa candy bar wrappers design, which would fit right in line with the holiday’s creative, handmade undertones. The list of holiday colors to look for includes green, black and red. Image wise, graphics representing Africa, corn, the Kinara and other celebratory symbols may be best. 

Another great option would be to invest in candy bar molds that are the same size as Belgium or Hershey’s© chocolate bars. They’re usually available through gourmet foodie shops and craft stores. That way, everyone in the family could make their own Kwanzaa themed chocolate too.
For an added element of personalization, you and your family may want to toss sun dried fruits and nuts from Africa into the bars as well. After all, the holiday observance can also include references to agricultural products. Many online grocers carry such products and are capable of shipping them to locations throughout the U.S. Some of the items that tend to be readily available are dried coconut dates, plums, pears, mangos and apples. Afterward, you could wrap the homemade bars in our company’s handsome foils and your specially designed candy wrappers.

To learn more about designing and ordering candy bar wrappers for your family’s upcoming Kwanzaa celebration, please contact us today. Most holiday candy bar wrapper and foil orders tend to be completed in two weeks or less.

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Celebrate Your Dog's Birthday with Personalized Candy

Celebrating your dog's birthday probably sounds like a ridiculous idea. After all, your dog won't even know the party is being held for him, but this kind of celebration can also be a lot of fun. A dog birthday party can be a great way for you to socialize with your friends and their pets and can have many benefits for your dog.
Socialize Your Dog
It is important for dogs to play with other dogs, and a pet birthday party is a great way to do this. You can provide treats and toys and let the animals run around and play. This will give your dog the exercise that he so desperately needs with little effort from you.

Get in Touch with Friends
A dog birthday celebration is a great excuse to see old friends. Provide some snacks and sit around chatting and watching the dogs play. You can also share tips about how to handle common pet problems. Maybe you and your friends can even create a community program where you can care for each other's animals if one of you are going out of town.
Use Personalized Candy Wrappers to Share Advice and Inspiration
There are many inspiring quotes about pets, and these would be great to include on candy bars that you can give to your guests. You can also have information about nearby boarding facilities or veterinarians. These will be great party favors for your human guests.

To start planning your dog's birthday bash, contact us for help with your personalized candy wrappers.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

We Have You Covered With This Baby Shower Party Favor

Babies mean making memories is a top priority. If you are the family member or friend in charge of the  shower planning you will be happy to know your worries are over. Look no further for the take home gift that will tickle everyone's pallet and act as a reminder come gift giving season.
Visit Sweet Wrappings to create your own uniquely designed candy wrapper or use one of their preexisting formats. After all, who doesn't love chocolate? Everyone is trying to get their hands on soda cans with personalized sayings. Here is a chance to be timely and timeless by creating a trend of your own. Personalize your party favors for the next baby shower in your life.

It's amazing how much can be taken care of online. Make sure you look up the newest party games! Don't forget to check out the new mother's registry page. With so much to think about it's great to know that Sweet Wrappings will deliver to you-no extra trips required! For a fun personal touch try adding the ultrasound picture to the wrapper. Everyone will be sure to love it.

If you love the idea, but are unsure of which design is the best fit contact the company directly. They can even help you design something that your family and friends will reflect on for years to come. You owe it to them for playing all of the shower games! Don't forget to remind future mom to save one for herself. They make great additions to her baby memory book!

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Recognize your Baby and all the Godparents with a Chocolate Favor for Baptism

If you are shopping for a favor for a baptism, you may already know that christenings tend to include more godparents than ever these days. A chocolate favor is a tasteful way to recognize all the people you hold dear on this sacred occasion.
The growing tradition for multiple godparents: It is easy to see why this decision has become popular with so many parents today. While Prince George has seven godparents, any baby could benefit, and many religious denominations encourage and accept such arrangements. It can be reassuring to know that your baby will be able to count on spiritual guidance from a range of people who may have different strengths. Given how much people move around these days, it is also nice to think that there is a greater chance someone will always be accessible. On a practical level, multiple godparents may even be a good way to get around hurting anyone’s feelings. This way you will not be stuck having to choose only two godparents when you are blessed with more wonderful adults who want to share their wisdom.

Designing a chocolate baptism favor: On a lighter note, about the only drawback here could be trying to fit all the godparents’ names into the christening invitations and church register. Our custom chocolate bars will make your job easy when it comes to the favors because you can put your design on both sides if you need the room. You can also include photos of everyone if you like. Of course, it is also possible to use any baptism images that are appropriate for your faith.

A christening is a very special occasion for you and your loved ones. Contact us for attentive customer service and delicious chocolate favors that will add a thoughtful touch to this joyous event.

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