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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

3 Reasons Why Personalized Wedding Candy is the Perfect Wedding Favor

If you are looking for the perfect wedding favor for your wedding day guests, you might not have yet thought about giving out personalized wedding candy. However, this can be one of the best wedding day favors to pass out to your guests. These are some of the reasons why.

1. It's Cheap
First of all, you are probably looking for a wedding favor that won't cost you a ton of money. You're probably already spending enough on the other aspects of your wedding, such as the venue and the flowers, that you might want to keep your wedding favors simple. Luckily, this is where personalized candy comes in handy. It doesn't cost much, particularly if you purchase it in bulk, so you can save quite a bit of cash when compared to other common wedding day favors.

2. It's Great for Just About Everyone
You could be struggling to come up with wedding favors that are as diverse as your guest list is. The great thing about candy is that it's perfect for guests of all ages, and it's great for both male and females guests. With personalized wedding candy, you don't have to worry about anyone being unhappy with your favors.

3. It's Easy to Personalize
When you work with a great company like Sweet Wrappings, it's easy to personalize your wedding candy in a few ways. First of all, you can pick a favorite candy that you and your spouse-to-be both love. Then, you can customize the wrappers with your own color scheme, design and print. This is a great way to let your personality really shine through.
If you are looking for the perfect wedding favor for your big day, contact us at Sweet Wrappings. Then, we can tell you more about our offerings and can help you choose the perfect personalized wedding favors for event.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Custom Wedding Candy Bar Wrapper is a Fun Favor

Planning a wedding is a lot of fun. You've spent your whole life waiting for the magical day where you can celebrate the joining of your life to the life of the person you love. Every little detail you plan is a symbol of the joy and celebration you feel about your marriage commitment. 
Take the time to really enjoy your wedding planning and make sure you have a few personalized touches that make you happy. For example, plan a wedding favor that your guests will love, and that you'll have fun creating.
You can give your guests a sweet treat they will never forget by giving away Hershey bars with wedding candy bar wrappers surrounding the chocolate. You will be able to custom design the candy bar wrappers, so you can include your favorite photos, quotes, or details and fun facts from your wedding day.

One really fun and creative idea is to label the candy bar with the "celebrity smash-up" of your two names put together. Of course a famous example of this is how Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are collectively referred to as "Brangelina." Come up with a cute combination of your two names and design the label to have this combo name in place of the "HERSHEY" letters that your guests are used to seeing on their candy bars. This works especially well if you can come close to using 7 letters in your combo name.
For more information on designing custom candy bar wrappers for your wedding favors, please contact us.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Chocolate, more than just a sweet treat.

Chocolate is more than just a sweet treat. It is good for the heart, the soul, the body, and the mind. We should know. We specialize in chocolate bar wrappers with personalized messages, that bring a taste of the unique to such a worthy subject..
Reasons to eat chocolate other than for the taste include one's health. Studies on chocolate have documented various health reasons to eat it. On the order of this study in the Journal of Nutrition, researchers have reported those who eat chocolate to have lower B.M.I. (body mass index). Other research suggests lower cholesterol, improved memory, or lower risk of stroke.

The positive effects of chocolate are not limited to one's body. It also helps the mind as a mood enhancer. Studies have shown it to improve mood, relieve tension, and leave a pleasant feeling. Perhaps this is one of the bigger reason's chocolate has become increasingly popular. Chocolate has a greater value than that of a simple tasty treat, and we have taken that a step further, with customizable wrappers! What a sweet way to pass a message on, one of love, or congratulations, or even that of business and commerce. This can be to keep a theme, or pass a message. Messages often get lost, people might overlook a note or a piece of paper, but wrapped around a tasty treat, they will be sure to stop and take note, before unwrapping the treat and having a taste of their own.
We would love to hear from interested chocolate fans and those with questions!

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Friday, November 6, 2015

Give Away a Chocolate Ad to Promote Store Sales and Specialties

It may be hard to believe, but Christmas is less than two months away.. Families in your community have definitely started making their Christmas wish lists and are beginning their Christmas shopping. Anything you can do to drive business to your store will help you take home an increased share of seasonal shopping revenue.
One great way to remind people that you are excited to have their business this fall is to give away a chocolate ad that promotes your upcoming sales.

First, you will want to order custom candy bar wrappers. These wrappers will fit a standard Hershey candy bar. You design the wrapper with all the information and photos you want to include. You can certainly add a coupon or two to the wrapper as well as the dates of your upcoming sales and photos of some of the most popular items you sell.

Once your ad is perfectly designed and the wrappers you ordered are on their way, you will want to promote your give away on your social media sites. Let your frequent customers and fans know that anyone who comes into the store over a specific weekend will receive a free candy bar.
When the wrappers arrive, you simply slip them onto a Hershey bar and they are ready to go. Your customers will love combining a sweet treat with their shopping trip, and once they have eaten the chocolate they can save the wrapper as a reminder of your upcoming sales events.
For more information on using chocolate to advertise your business, please contact us.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Why Business Specialty Candy Wrappers Can Help You Stand Out

In today's ultra volatile business climate it's vital for businesses small and large alike to find any competitive edge they can. Dedicated customer service, a thorough understanding of the competition and sending candies with specialty candy wrappers to clients can help set businesses apart.
So, how can sending business specialty candy wrappers to clients help you stand out?
To answer this question try putting yourself in the client's shoes. A small token like giving someone candy may seem trivial but who doesn't like to be recognized and thanked? Gestures like this tell the client, "You are important. You could've chosen to do business with someone else but you chose to work with me and I greatly appreciate it. I am invested in you and our relationship."

So many business today neglect to implement personal and thoughtful customer service. We've all had the experience of talking to a robot instead of a friendly and knowledgable customer service person or dealing with someone at a big box store who isn't invested in making you feel wanted or welcome. While many businesses have tried to save money by cutting corners on customer service make yourself stand out. A gesture like giving a client business specialty candy wrappers is a great personal and professional way to help impress and retain clients.
Sweet Wrappings is a company that specializes in providing premium personalized custom candy wrappers for business promotions and corporate events. Personalized candy wrappers are a great way to add fun to any event or situation. Contact ustoday to hear about more our services!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Idea for Buying Your Bridal Shower Favor

Are your best girlfriends coming together to throw you a bridal shower before your wedding day? Then make sure you don't forget to buy some bridal shower favors for them and the rest of the people coming to your shower. As the guest of honor, it is up to you to show your guests your appreciation by taking the time to buy a bridal shower favor for each and every person who shows up at your party. So make sure you take the time to do it well in advance of your wedding day. In need of an idea for your bridal shower favor? Give personalized candy wrappers a try.
Cute Memento for Your Guests
When choosing a party favor for your bridal shower guests, don't just buy the first thing you see. Get something that will actually delight your guests. Almost everyone love cute little memento items, and personalized candy wrappers certainly fit into that category.
Ideas for Personalization
Not sure how you should personalize your candy wrappers? Well, one good idea is to print pictures of you and your beloved on the candy wrapper for your guests to save as souvenirs. For the picture, just about any photo you like of you and your significant other will do. However, if you've taken the time to get your engagement photos done, now might be a good time to put them to good use. Besides having a photo of the two of you on the candy wrapper, also consider printing a short thank you note on the wrapper. It's one easy way to show gratitude to your guests. So contact us today to get those candy wrappers made.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Custom Candy Wrapper For an Unforgettable Halloween Treat

Everyone loves handing out candy to Trick-Or-Treaters on Halloween, but more and more families are going to community events rather than the traditional trick-or-treat stroll through the local neighborhoods.
If you've noticed that every year you give out a little less candy, don't be too down about it, just use it as an excuse to give out an even better treat this year. If you don't have to give out as much candy as you used to, you can afford to upgrade to handing out a full-size candy bar. Do you remember the sheer thrill and excitement of receiving a full-size candy bar from trick-or-treating as a child? On the rare occasion that someone was generous enough to give out a full-size candy bar you were delighted to receive it and felt like the richest kid in the world.
 You can make giving out full-size candy bars lots of fun, by creating your own custom candy wrapper. You design the wrapper with your own words and images and simply slip it over any standard size Hershey chocolate bar. You could put fun Halloween facts on your wrapper, jokes, trivia questions, or photos of your favorite costumes through the years.

Custom candy wrappers are also the perfect favor at any Halloween party you might be throwing. You can use the wrappers to advertise your business or organization if you participate in a community event for Halloween. 
For more information on ordering your own custom candy bar wrappers for Halloween, please contact us.

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