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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Graduation Favors: Going Beyond the Expected for Today's Successful Students

As the school year starts to wind down, it’s time to start thinking about that proud day when your children will be donning their caps and gowns. How will you choose to celebrate their scholastic accomplishments? Will it be a small gathering or a full-blown, Hollywood style affair? Either way, now is a good time to figure out which graduation favors would be best for whatever celebratory activities you may have planned. First, decide if you want the graduation favors to be generic or something much more personal. If personalized favors are what you really want to invest in, we can help.

At Sweet Wrappings, we specialize in creating customized, graduation favors for students of all ages. So, it doesn’t matter if your child is finishing preschool or med school, we’ve got options that are sure to please. For example, you could peruse our line of engraved chocolates and request a design that matches your child’s educational or long-term, career interests. The customization could stop there or you could continue on and select a candy bar wrapper and custom box lid to match. There are even graduation themed, custom box bands, banners, greetings and chocolate shapes to choose from too.
Did you know that our graduation favors can do more than just celebrate a student’s accomplishments? It’s true. We’ve also had customers purchase products as a “thank-you” for people who gave their beloved graduates gifts on graduation day. The wrapper greetings are perfect for such purposes because they allow graduates an opportunity to hand write a unique, personal message on the back of each chocolate bar. Consequently, grandmas, uncles and aunts won’t have to receive the same “thank-you” note as distant cousins and the neighbors down the street. To learn more about our entire suite of graduation favors, please contact us at Sweet Wrappings.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Discount Wedding Favors in Chocolate for Off Season Weddings

Discount wedding favors in chocolate are perfect for couples savvy enough to save money by scheduling their wedding for the off season. You may have to put forth a little effort to pick a month when there will be less competition for your favorite reception site, but we make it easy to order delicious custom chocolate favors at very attractive prices.

Most experts agree on the months when you are likely to find the best prices for wedding products and services. Unless you live in Hawaii with mild weather all year round, the coldest days of winter from January to March are prime time for frugal brides and grooms. Late fall is also worth looking into. December is iffy because of the holidays. The priciest dates tend to be in June and September with August and October coming in close behind.
While you cut spending by watching the calendar, you can always treat your guests to chocolate favors. Maybe you want to play up the seasonal theme with designs that evoke the time of year. For fall, you could choose pumpkins and autumn trees. For winter, maybe you would like all the magic of snow and ice or a cozy fireside.
To personalize your chocolates even more, take a picture of the two of you enjoying your favorite seasonal sport or strolling through the falling leaves or snow.

For a more subtle effect, just borrow the colors associated with that time of year such as warm golds and green for autumn. For winter, how about cool whites or holiday red and green or festive metallics like gold and silver?
Congratulations on saving money on your wedding. No matter what month you choose to walk down the aisle, contact us for chocolate wedding favors that will delight your guests and your budget.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Personalized Candy Makes a Great Gift for Minimalists

In recent years, there's been a trend towards minimalism. People who have grown tired of consumerism are now afraid of accumulating things that end up cluttering their home and life. Thus, when buying gifts for anyone that might be a minimalist, it's best to go with a gift that can actually be consumed.

Delicious Consumable Gift
When it comes to consumable gifts, nothing beats a delectable gift than can be eaten with pleasure. And a food item that's loved by mostly everyone is candy. Hence, candy makes for a pretty safe gift to give to anyone who's tired of having excess stuff taking over their personal space.

Make It a Personalized Gift
Receiving a candy bar is always nice, but even better is receiving one that's wrapped especially for you. So keep that in mind when buying sweets as a gift for the special people in your life. They'll appreciate the extra effort you put into getting personalized candy just for them.

Personalization Makes the Gift Meaningful
There's nothing a minimalist hates more than meaningless things. When you customize a candy bar with personalized wrapper, you're helping to give value to the wrapper. You're transforming what might have been a throwaway item into a sweet keepsake that the recipient might actually want to hold onto for years.
Ready to create a custom wrapper to go along with a consumable gift for the special minimalist in your life? Contact us for assistance with ordering and to learn more about all of our products.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Print Your Business Mission Statement on a Custom Candy Bar Wrapper

Help put your company mission statement into action by printing it on a custom candy bar wrapper. For your mission to guide your organization, you need to keep it in sight, and it will look very good on a delicious custom chocolate.
How to print your mission statement on a chocolate wrapper: The best mission statements tend to be one or two sentences which makes them just the right length for a chocolate bar. With high quality printing you can also use your company’s preferred fonts and colors to create a look that captures your individual brand and conveys what your business is all about.

Why you ought to use a chocolate wrapper: Maybe some of your employees are not even aware of the mission statement. Even if your business is diligent about communicating your purpose and core values, people may get so used to seeing the mission statement they do not really think about the meaning behind it any more. An innovative presentation in chocolate will be a vivid reminder in a fresh new format.
Who to give your chocolates to: Of course, your employees are probably the first audience that comes to mind, but do not forget about all your constituents. Give your special chocolates to suppliers, vendors, and valued customers to strengthen your connection.
When it comes to your own staff, put your custom chocolate into the orientation package for new hires to get them off to a good start while their enthusiasm is high. Pass out chocolates at retreats and strategic planning sessions so the mission statement does not get lost in all the other meeting materials.
We make it easy for you to take your company’s mission statement, and enshrine it on a delicious chocolate bar. Contact us today for creative designs and friendly customer service.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Custom Candy Bar Wrapper For Your Next Party

If you love entertaining, chances are you're always looking for new ideas for your next big event. Whether it's just a casual get together at your house, or a big bash to celebrate a birthday party it's the little individual touches that make your party stand out!
The invitation you send your guests sets the tone for your party. It it kind of like the first impression for your event, and as you know, you only get one chance to make a terrific first impression. It is worth really investing in wonderful invitations if you want every person invited to your party to feel like they are really special and that the party is going to be a great event.

One really fun idea for an invitation is to give each person you are inviting a candy bar with a custom candy bar wrapper. You can design the wrapper yourself with your own images and all the details for your party. Your guests can enjoy the candy bar inside and then keep the wrapper to remind them when and where the party will take place.
Your guests will be amazed at your clever, fun invitation and so your event will really stand out in their minds. It is simple and affordable to design your own candy bar wrapper, and you will find that it really leaves your guests amazed.
Please contact us to find out how to create your own custom candy bar wrappers that make great invitations, party favors, thank you gifts or give aways.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hershey Bar Wrappers for National March into Literacy Month Promotions

This spring, schools, bookstores, libraries, PTA associations and more will be celebrating National March into Literacy Month with a series of special events. If you and your group intend to promote literacy too, consider doing it with Hershey bar wrappers. Full-size and miniature Hershey bar wrappers ordered now, can be customized in plenty of time for promotional events set to occur in March. Here are few personalization ideas to spark your creativity:

Do think about using Hershey bar wrappers to spotlight various types of children’s books. For example, why not select a Pink Princess wrapper and use it to highlight fairy tales? Sports themed wrappers could be utilized to highlight sports stories and religious designs would be perfect for promoting Bible stories. We’re sure that you get the story genre idea by now.

Don’t forget about children’s authors. They could be featured on Hershey bar wrappers too. There are images of famous authors online that are available for public use. Plus, you may be able to ask photographers permission to use copyrighted photos of the authors too. If you decide to use those types of photos, we’ll need to see written proof that you were given permission to place the images on our Hershey bar wrappers.
Do consider handing out reward themed candies to all of your literacy event’s best readers. We have congratulatory Hershey bar wrappers in stock that could be personalized with the winners’ names. Our Bee Sweet wrapper is a great example. It features a series of books, including one that’s open. The open book’s white space could be used to write-in the winner’s name. It is also big enough to accommodate a small, self-adhesive sticker should you want to print the names at the last-minute instead.

To learn more about purchasing Hershey bar wrappers for your unique, National March into Literacy Month promotional events, please contact us at Sweet Wrappings. We can provide you with all of the Hershey bar wrappers you need as well as foils, wrap up banners and chocolate ad specialties.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Custom Candy Wrappers for Cheerleading Safety Fundraisers are Available Now

Is your school’s squad hoping to raise funds during National Cheerleading Safety Month? Do you already have fundraising plans in place? If not, your group might want to consider taking a sweet approach, like selling candy bars in place of t-shirts or buttons. Unlike t-shirts and buttons, candy has universal appeal. Plus, it can easily be repackaged using custom candy wrappers.
At Sweet Wrappings, we specialize in helping people just like you design and use custom candy wrappers for whatever purpose they choose, including cheerleading events. Both sides of the candy bar can be personalized with your squad’s information and a message about cheerleading safety. And don’t worry; the squad will get a chance to approve the proof before we fulfill your custom candy wrapper order.
Traditionally, the more custom wrappers you order for your squad’s cheerleading safety event, the cheaper the price. Therefore, your team may want to craft the wrapper’s text in a way that avoids listing a specific date. That way, you can order enough wrappers to get your cheerleading squad through a whole year’s worth of fundraisers. If you’ve only got one event planned, we can still help because our minimum order is only 24 custom wrappers. That said, we’re sure you’ll be able to sell such a small amount of candy bars to your squad’s supporters in no time at all.
If you don’t think that the squad’s members will have enough time to wrap all those candy bars in time for the cheerleading event, let us know. We also sell pre-wrapped chocolate specialties and custom banners, which will significantly reduce the amount of pre-event busy work. To find out more about them and other ways we can help make your squad’s National Cheerleading Safety Month event something to shout about, please contact us at Sweet Wrappings today. Rush orders and logo design work may be available upon request.

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