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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Save Time on Special Sweet Gifts With Personalized Candy Wrappers

Try a new approach with personalized candy wrappers.
Another special day ahead? Do all your chocolate-loving friends and family keep hinting that you'll make some special goody for them again this year? One that requires hours of preparation in the kitchen? One that requires spending hours out of your already-more-than-you-can-handle daily schedule?
Why not try a different approach this time? You don't have to give up on letting your loved ones know how much you care about them or that you did something especially for them. Favorite chocolate treats are already out there that, combined with your special touch, will surely please everyone on the receiving end of your thoughtfulness. 
The best part of all? You didn't have to trade hours slaving away in the kitchen cleaning, grating, peeling, shelling, chopping, boiling, baking, piping, testing, wrapping, freezing, thawing, packing, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. . . . You get the picture. 
Candy bar wrappers offer the ideal canvas for you to display your special personalized message to those on your list. A variety of templates, backgrounds, colors and themes come pre-made. All you need to do is add a message that encompasses what you want to say. Bar size selections range from Hershey Miniature bar size to full chocolate bar size. You can even design your own wrapper, or get professional help from the experts at Sweet Wrappings.. Can you modify an existing selection? Yes! Can you add a favorite photo? Of course! You're limited only by your ideas. 
Best of all, you'll save time. Instead of laboring over yet another batch of homemade chocolate turtles or gooey cereal treats, you'll simply pick up bars at a local candy supply store - or order them along with your wrappers - and quickly wrap them at home. In short order, your personalized gifts for that special day are ready to hand out. Plus - you'll have more time to spend with those you love.
To learn more about what Sweet Wrappings has to offer, contact us.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Personalized Wedding Candy: Why it Makes a Great Wedding Favor

If you are in the midst of planning your wedding, you could be wondering what you should give your guests as a wedding favor. One great option that you might not have thought about is personalized wedding candy, which you can order from Sweet Wrappings. These are a few reasons why personalized wedding candy makes such a great wedding favor.
It's Affordable
You're probably already spending a lot on your wedding, and you probably can't afford to spend a lot on your wedding favors. Luckily, personalized wedding candy is an excellent choice because it's affordable yet makes a big impact.
It's Fitting for Everyone
Personalized wedding candy is fitting for just about everyone. Guests of all ages are sure to love the candy, so you don't have to worry about choosing a gift that all of the men, women and kids at your wedding will like.
It's a Great Dessert
Although you are probably going to be serving wedding cake at your wedding, you might not be planning on serving other desserts. Candy from the favor bag can make a great dessert for guests who don't prefer cake or who have a bit more of a sweet tooth than what your menu will provide.
As you can see, personalized wedding candy is a great choice for any wedding. If you are trying to pick the best wedding favors for your wedding, contact us to find out more about the different types of candy that we have to offer and the different types of personalization that you can choose from.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Personalized Chocolate Bar Wrapper for Valentine's Day

When you think of February, you think of Valentine's Day, and of course when you think of Valentine's Day, you have to think of chocolate.
Your kids will want to get in on all the Valentine's Day action too, and school celebrations make Valentine's Day one of the most fun and exciting holidays of the year for children. Chances are good that your child will be asked to bring in a Valentine for each student in their class. They will probably want to have a Valentine for each of their teachers too. You should consider providing Valentines for the support staff of the school. Nurses, counselors, janitors and secretaries are often left out of all the holiday fun, so your child's thoughtfulness will be remembered and appreciated.

If you want to create a truly unique Valentine for your child to hand out, order personalized chocolate bar wrappers. These wrappers slide over a standard Hershey Bar, and will make classroom Valentines that the other students will never forget! The wrappers can have photos printed on them, as well as any words or designs that you like. Take some time and brainstorm ideas with your child. Let them know the wrapper can feature anything they want. You could even let them draw a picture and take photo of it or scan it into a digital file that you can add to the candy bar wrapper.

For more information on ordering your own customized chocolate bar wrappers for Valentine's Day, or any other special event, please contact us!

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Personalized Candy for the Perfect Marriage Proposal

Still scratching your head trying to come up with the perfect marriage proposal idea? Then read this post for a clever idea to consider. All you really need to pull it off is a personalized candy bar.
Set the Stage with a Customized Candy Bar
In order to get the ball rolling with your wedding proposal, you'll need a way to lead into it. And one good way to do that is to give her a customized candy bar that directly asks the question you've been meaning to ask. Once she unwraps the candy bar and sees the big question written out before her eyes, her face expression will surely change to that of shock. That would then be your cue to get on one knee to properly ask her to marry you with the speech you've either rehearsed on improvised on the spot.
Countless Scenarios for You to Give Her the Candy Bar
A candy bar is an item that can easily be given to a lover at any time or place. Therefore, you don't have to worry about your girlfriend getting suspicious of what's about to come from the moment you hand her the candy bar. That makes it possible for you to carry out your marriage proposal in a great multitude of ways with our candy bar. You can present it to her after a delectable dinner together, or even after a long hike in the woods. But before you can do that, you'll need to have the personalized candy bar made. So contact us today and we'll start working on it right away.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Personalized Candy Bar Wrappers

Think of the fun your guests will have when they are given candy bars inside very special personalized wrappers that honor the person or people having a birthday, anniversary, graduation, baby or wedding shower, the wedding itself, birth announcement, retirement party, holiday meal, family reunion, sports party, receiving a Valentine, or any other event.
How much more delightful would it be for your guests to receive a "sweet treat" instead of a normal party favor? It would certainly be the "talk of the town"!!
You can choose from a huge variety of hundreds of designs that are traditional, festive, or fun. Alternately, one, even with a picture and being personalized both on the front and on the back, can be custom made by our exceptional design service for the special person's celebration. That becomes a unique and creative party favor that will be different from any other. Our specialty is customizing requests for specially themed events.
When choosing the candy to be inside your custom candy wrappers, of course you can incorporate your favorite one, whether full-size or miniature. If you are a fan of including nuts, you can even be "health-wise" because those nutritious snacks contain fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals and healthy fat. The most popular nuts are almonds, pecans, cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts and pistachios. There is even a National Nut Day celebrated each year on October 22, a National Candy Day on November 4, and a National Cashew Day on November 23!
Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to discuss possible candy wrapper designs with you so that you can get exactly what you want. Visit our website or contact us for more information.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Make The Party Sweeter With a Chocolate Favor at Your Baby Shower

Celebrating new life is such an honor and privilege. It is fun to go all out celebrating the new mom, and see her receive all the things she wants and needs for her new bundle of joy.
Women love to get together to bless the mom-to-be and talk about the baby they can't wait to meet. As a hostess for a baby shower, you will want to have some cute decorations, some delicious food and a few games with prizes or other light entertainment.

Don't forget that you should always end the party with a favor for the baby shower guests, to thank them for coming to the shower, and as a token of appreciation for the gifts they brought for the baby and the mom-to-be.
If you're looking for a sweet favor that people will really enjoy, consider creating customized chocolate bars. It's simpler than you think. You just buy standard size Hershey chocolate bars. Then you order customized wrappers.
You can design the wrappers with fun facts about the mom-to-be or use ultrasound photos in the wrapper design (or even maternity photos if the mom has had some great photos taken of her during her pregnancy.) Use your imagination, because these candy bar wrappers can be as creative as you are. Your guests can eat the chocolate and keep the wrapper as a memento from their fun day at the baby shower you hosted.
For more information on creating custom candy bar wrappers with your words and pictures, please contact us.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Why You Should Consider Chocolate Favors for Your Event

Few snacks and treats invoke as much pleasure as chocolate favors, and that includes every type and flavor available. If there's one treat that is going to stick in the mind of a guest, it's going to be a delicious piece of chocolate. Now, if you personalize the wrapping of that delicious piece of heaven, now you're turning it into a memory they are going to treasure. Usually, the wrappers to these candies are kept long after the treat inside is devoured.
For those who can resist temptation, they might also choose to keep the chocolate in a safe place, but it still becomes a memento that reminds them of a great day or night. So how you can take advantage of this for your next party?

Since it might take too much time to do a straw poll on who is allergic to what, find out which chocolate favors don't contain nuts or anything that might be dangerous. Then, when you find your favorite in that group, you can ask if warnings will be posted on the labels, to let people what the ingredients are. This should cover the bases so guests will know what's inside and take precautions when necessary.
Considering this is not the most serious favor gift, you can have a lot of fun when you design the packaging. Contact us and let us know what message you're trying to communicate so we can make some experienced suggestions for you. We are excited about helping you design the best party and send memories home with your guests, and we have all the tools to do that. When you offer chocolate to your guests packaged with love, they are going to go away feeling special and honored, and happy to celebrate whatever is important to you.

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