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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Donate Your Business Specialty Candy Wrappers for Charity Goodie Bags

Business specialty candy wrappers are an ideal way to get more attention
for your brand while you support your favorite corporate charities. When you’re looking for something to donate for the goodie bags, think of custom chocolates.
Your company may be a regular donor to the annual ball for your local hospital or you may be one of the sponsors for a new nonprofit art gallery. In any case, charities are likely to approach you for small gift items they can put in the tote bags they distribute to guests.
Personalized chocolates are a great idea for many reasons:
Visibility: With your logo or custom message on the chocolate bar, guests will be sure to notice you. Otherwise, donors sometimes don’t even realize where the gift came from.

Affordability: Chocolate bars are a great value no matter how big or small the audience is. They’re priced low but still look attractive.
Transportability: People often leave behind larger items that they don’t want to carry. You don’t have that problem with chocolate. Your present may be consumed on the spot or people will take it with them.
Flexibility: You can use one of our standard designs or create any message of your own. Think about providing the standard contact information for your company or add a special message unique to each fundraising event in which your company participates. The options are endless.
Flavor: Of course, your gifts will also taste delicious thanks to our using 100% Premium Belgian Chocolate. That is something you can’t say about all those notepads or key chains.
Contact us to turn an ordinary chocolate bar into a unique promotional gift or party favor. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses create new relationships through this creative approach to corporate events, marketing tools, tradeshows, sales promotions, and motivational and thank you gifts.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Chocolate Ad Specialties Can Help Promote Older Americans Month Initiatives

Older Americans Month will be here before you know it. Just in case you are not familiar with the senior focused, national holiday, it takes place each May. This year’s theme is expected to focus on health and safety. So why not take time out to invest in chocolate ad specialties and use them to promote those two things?
At Sweet Wrappings, we can assist you with designing the ideal chocolate ad specialties, candy bar wrappers, banners and greeting cards for your Older Americans Month promotions. Each one can be custom designed to match each other and your promotion’s overall theme. So there is never any need to worry about congruity.
For this particular holiday, you may want to choose chocolate ad specialties that are shaped in the form of health items that seniors may be familiar with or ones that match your business model. Examples include eyeglasses, medicine bottles, hearing aids, stethoscopes and durable medical equipment. The chocolate could also be molded to feature a bit of text or your firm’s logo. 

If you don’t want to go with custom molded chocolate, promotional candy bar wrappers would make a great alternative. They could be designed without an identifying date. That way, you could order them in bulk and use the wrappers for many Older Americans Months to come.
As far as the chocolate greeting cards go, you could use them as invitations or post-event follow-up promotions. For example, let’s pretend that you decide to host a health fair or senior luncheon for Older Americans Month. You could use the contact information provided by each attendee to create a qualified prospect mailing list. Afterward, you could mail a chocolate greeting card to everyone on the list encouraging them to visit your business.
The indoor/outdoor banner wrappers, on the other hand, are superb when it comes to creating window and entrance displays. You can also string them across a trade show booth or pop-up tent at other people’s Older Americans Month events.
For more information about these and other chocolate ad specialties that would be ideal for Older Americans Month events, please contact us at (800) 449-3948.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Quick and Easy Christening Favors for Modern Families

It’s no secret that for many, christenings are a beloved and essential part of contemporary family life. As such, they are usually accompanied by a semi-formal or formal gathering that includes mementos for the guests. The good news is there are quick and easy christening favors that modern day parents may choose from.
One quick and easy christening favor that parents may want to try involves filling tiny baby bassinets with custom wrapped Hershey’s miniatures. The mini wrappers could be decorated to look like the christening child.  All the parents would need to do is obtain a clear photo of their child and have it printed onto the wrapper.

If large christening favors are desired, there are other options. For instance, parents may want to create candy wrappers that include one or all christening symbols and use them to package full-size, white chocolate bars for each guest. At Sweet Wrappings, we have a variety of readymade Christian symbols on file that would work perfectly with full-size chocolate bars. They could easily standalone or be paired with scriptures and baby photos.
In addition to serving as christening favors, custom wrapped chocolate bars could also be used to create table centerpieces. For example, a custom wrapped christening favor could be attached to the center of a floral foam cross. The rest of the cross could then be filled in with white, faux flowers. Afterward, the parents could place the each of the crosses onto individual stands and set one onto each guest’s table.
Towards the end of the party, the family could play the penny under the tea cup game and award the crosses to the winner. If the game is not an option, the cross centerpieces could always be picked back up by the parents and distributed in another way. For more information about quick and easy christening favors like these, please contact us at Sweet Wrappings. We may be reached by e-mail or phone (800.449.3948).

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

5 Ways to Celebrate Month of the Military Child with Chocolate Bar Wrappers

There are millions of American service personnel in this country and many of them have families. That’s why each April, our country recognizes the Month of the Military Child. There are various ways to help military families during the 30-day long celebration. Here’s a look at five of them that involve chocolate bar wrappers:
#1: Care Packages for Active Duty
Creating care packages for military families and service personnel are one way to participate in the celebration. Families could be given camouflage chocolate bar wrappers outfitted with a photo featuring a particular unit. Active duty service personnel, on the other hand, could be sent chocolate wrapped with photos of their family members instead.
#2: Veteran’s Hospital Events
Because many of our service men and women come home injured, sending chocolate to Veteran’s hospitals would make a nice gesture too. That way, the medical social workers could hand out the chocolate to military children who may be visiting injured loved ones. Chocolate bar wrappers to consider using in this type of promotion are ones that offer a word of encouragement or thanks.
Custom Candy Bar Wrapper

#3: VFW Fundraisers
Oftentimes, VFWs organize Month of the Military Child fundraisers. Well, one great way to raise money during those events is to sell candy. The candy could be personalized with chocolate bar wrappers featuring the VFW's contact information and details about the group’s fundraising cause.
#4: Volunteer Luncheons
During the month long celebration, it would also be nice to recognize volunteers who provide much needed assistance to military families. Fabulous ways to do that are hosting luncheons and handing out customized chocolate bars to attendees.
#5: School Assemblies
Lastly, educators may want to think about hosting Month of the Military Child assemblies. The chocolate bars could serve as invitations to the event or giveaways for the attendees. The assemblies themselves could feature musical tributes to military personnel, guest speakers and other fun activities.
Those are just five ways to host a Month of the Military Child event with chocolate bar wrappers. For more information and help selecting appropriate wrappers for your April celebration, please contact us at (800) 449-3948.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

5 Ways to Design a Chocolate Wedding Favor Based on Traditional Love Tokens

A chocolate wedding favor based on traditional love tokens will add even more meaning to your special day. Share the symbolic language of love with each other and your guests.
For centuries, courting couples exchanged personalized gifts before their marriage. The custom was especially popular in rural areas. Lovers would make their tokens themselves or hire an expert craftsman to express their sentiments. These are a few ideas that would be delightful to borrow for custom chocolate bar wrappers that you can use as wedding favors:
Household Goods: Today your spouse might be disappointed if you gave them a vacuum cleaner for Valentine’s Day. However, back around the seventeenth century, it was common to give each other useful household items that would be stored away as keepsakes after the couple married. Try decorating your chocolate bars with pictures of brooms or rolling pins to celebrate setting up home together.

Soul Symbols: One poetic motif looked like a comma which represented the Egyptian symbol for nostrils. It embodied the idea that the couple was being joined for life and until their breath ceased. You could put a stylized drawing on the front of your wrapper and a brief explanation of the legend on the back.
Love Spoons: Wooden spoons with carved handles were a mostly Welsh practice. Whatever your nationality, they would be a pretty image for a candy wrapper.
Hearts: The simplicity and clarity of heart designs made them as popular back then as they are now. You won’t need any explanation for your favors.
Other Motifs: There’s still more to choose from. Consider keys and chains or shepherds and shepherdesses. If you like animals, go with birds, dogs or lambs. Knots, bands, ribbons and joined hands are also charming.
Contact us for creative and unique favors for weddings, birthday parties or any occasion. What could be sweeter than your message wrapped around a delicious chocolate bar?

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Offbeat Candy Wrapper Party Favors for Saint Patrick's Day

This Saint Patrick’s Day you can say “Erin Go Bragh” with offbeat candy wrapper party favors. Whether you believe in “Ireland Forever” or just like drinking beer, check out this interesting trivia and fun ideas for your party.
Designing Your Wrappers: If you’re tired of leprechauns, a quick look at St. Patrick's life will suggests many more unusual ideas. Write a headline that wishes people a “Happy Maewyn Succat Day..” That’s Saint Patrick's given name. It’s pronounced something like MY-win SUK-kat. If you think that’s surprisingly simple for a Gaelic name, that’s because it’s not Gaelic. He was actually born in England.
While you’re at it you can drop in a few other names including Saint Brigid and Columba who are also patron saints of Ireland. There’s also Palladius, the first bishop to Irish Christians. Many historians believe that stories about the two men have gotten blended together over the years.

There are also plenty of Irish blessings perfect for sharing on your chocolates. Greet your guests with a cheery saying like “May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light” or “May you have love that never ends, lots of money, and lots of friends.”
Presenting Your Favors: Put your chocolates in a green bowl or a black kettle like the leprechaun’s pot of gold. Lay them out on a piece of green fabric or cardboard cut into a shamrock.
Other Party Ideas: Enjoy the usual traditions. Wear green clothing and drink good beer. Sing Danny Boy and When Irish Eyes are Smiling. Serve glazed corned beef, cabbage rolls and soda bread. And, most of all, eat your chocolate.
Wrap your message around a delicious candy bar this St Patrick’s Day. Contact us to see how easy it is to get personalized chocolate bar wrappers for your party.

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Celebrate March 2014 Holidays with Promotional Candy Wrappers

It doesn’t matter whether you are a PTA member, grandparent, alumni member, student or a business owner. March 2014 is a perfect time to invest in promotional candy wrappers and celebrate a great event or two. For example, here’s a look at six that are perfect for those involved with education:
Expanding Girls’ Horizons in Science & Engineering
One event that you may want to celebrate with promotional candy wrappers is Expanding Girls’ Horizons in Science & Engineering Month. We’d suggest using the wrappers as part of a rewards program for students who excel in those subjects. However, you could also very easily use them to raise funds for a science fair, lecture series or trips to science museums.
Music in Our Schools/Sing with Your Child Month
Two additional holidays that you may want to celebrate together with promotional candy wrappers are Music in Our Schools Month and Sing with Your Child Month. Both naturally lend themselves to fund raising activities, giveaways and special events. The candy could also be used as part of a community outreach program designed to highlight the importance of both music and hearing on a child’s development


Youth Art Month
Music, singing, science and engineering are not the only subjects being celebrated in March. It also happens to be Youth Art Month. So you could challenge the children to create promotional candy wrappers to promote art education. If you don’t want to host a candy wrapper design contest, you could host a youth art show instead. The customized candies could then be used as show invitations, snack bar fare, fundraising tools, prizes or giveaways.
National Cheerleading Safety Month
National Cheerleading Safety Month is another holiday that will be taking place. Thus, you may want to use promotional candy wrappers to help the students obtain cheerleading uniforms, participate in out-of-state cheerleading competitions or attend lectures featuring cheerleading safety experts.
National Athletic Training Month
Last on our March 2014 list is National Athletic Training Month. It’s a holiday that is traditionally used to highlight the work of personal trainers. However, it could also be incorporated into activities designed to promote gyms, gym teachers, coaches, exercise equipment and other health services.
To uncover the best promotional candy wrappers for any one of the above mentioned March 2014 holidays, please contact us at (800) 449-3948. At Sweet Wrappings, we have the experience and supplies needed to make your March promotions sizzle.

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