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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

It's College Recruiting Day -- Why Business Specialty Candy Wrappers Will Make You Stand Out

Every year, companies flock to college campuses hoping to hire fresh faces for their growing businesses.  College recruiting can be competitive, with each company vying for the best and brightest that school has to offer.  For the students, it's an overwhelming and exciting event, an opportunity for them to learn more about some of the top companies in their region and seek out opportunities they may not have known existed.  Recruitment Day is the day when everyone, student and company, wants to leave a positive, impression that will hopefully lead to new careers.  A day like this is the perfect opportunity to leave a lasting impression, one that will keep your company at the top of the students' lists, such as an edible business card.

At Sweet Wrappings ( your company can create business specialty candy wrappers using your own design, such as a photograph or company name and address, which will be placed on a wrapper that is then placed around a Hershey's candy bar.  That same information can also be placed on a Hershey's miniature, if you prefer to have a variety of flavors.  Concerned about the weather?  Worried the heat of day will damage your product?  At Sweet Wrappings you can order the labels without the chocolate bars, and do the wrapping yourself.  Your labels will be created using your special design and mailed to you with complete instructions for assembling in the office.
Heading to a small, liberal arts college with a graduating class under 2,000 students?  What about that Top 50 university with 10,000 graduates?  No problem!  The pricing page at Sweet Wrappings ( will assist you with ordering 50 or over 5,000.  You can find the prices for full sized Hershey bars, Hershey miniatures and wrappers as well as information about the shipping and handling process.

Using business special candy wrappers to recruit students will make you stand out and will put smiles on the faces of each student who takes your edible business card.  Head over to Sweet Wrappings and put in your order today.  If at any time you need assistance, or have a question, please feel free to contact us.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Wedding Reception Favor: Custom Chocolates

For a Christmas wedding reception favor, wrap custom chocolates in a napkin for a DIY Christmas cracker. They’re perfect for the couple who loves all things Victoriana or wants a favor that gives a holiday feel to your wedding reception.
Miniature Chocolates to Fill Your Christmas Crackers: Our miniature chocolates provide the perfect filling. You can print them with any design you like such as pictures of your smiling faces or appropriate quotes or symbols like holly and bells. Maybe your Christmas crackers will bring back fond memories of your childhood or they’ll be a new tradition for you that will now take on extra meaning each holiday season as you remember your wedding.

Making Your Christmas Crackers: Christmas crackers are a familiar custom in England and other countries. They're cardboard tubes covered in tissue paper so they look like wrapped candy. You crack them open to find goodies inside.

Your DIY Christmas crackers will be so easy that even small children can make them. For a very affordable price, you’ll have a favor that looks elegant on your table and will delight your guests with the delicious chocolate they find inside. All you need are your dinner napkins plus cardboard tubes, ribbons, and chocolate. Wrap the napkin around the tube, pour in the chocolates, and tie a ribbon on both ends.
You can even glue or pin a name tag on the outside of each of your napkins to personalize the favor and complete your place settings.

Planning a wedding during the holidays can be especially challenging in addition to all the joy. Let us make your life easier with creative designs and friendly service that provide delicious chocolate favors to celebrate your special day and share with your loved ones. All you have to do is contact us.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Give Out A Candy Bar To Guests At Your Wedding

A wedding is such a fun occasion to celebrate your love and dedicate your life to the person you know you are meant to be with. For most people, it is the biggest party they will ever throw in their lives.  You find yourself inviting friends, family and acquaintances, you plan for months, and in the end you just want the whole event to be something special that your guests will remember fondly.

Give your guests a token to remember the fun event; give guests a candy bar at your wedding that is customized with your wedding details.  The candy bars can list your wedding date, the reception location, or anything else you hope guests remember about your big day.  You can even put photos on the candy bars, which is a great way to showcase your engagement photos. Your guests will love to see the photos you have had created, and of course they will enjoy the sweet treat inside the wrapper, but the wrapper itself becomes a keepsake they can treasure. Some brides and grooms write a note of appreciation on the candy wrappers, taking the time to thank their guests for celebrating such a special day with them.

The wrapper of the candy bar is really a blank slate and you can fill it with anything you want.  Be creative, this is one more chance for your wedding style to shine. If you want to know more about how you can give your guests a little token to remember your wedding by, please contact us, our custom candy bar wrappers are a huge hit.

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Do You Need Bar Candy Wrappers for Winter Solstice Parties?

In recent years, many Americans have gone back to celebrating the winter solstice with special fetes. It’s an occasion that although recognized for centuries the world over, hasn’t always been observed in the same ways that people do today. In the early years, the shift to shorter days and longer nights was typically looked at as a mystical event. As man developed a better understanding of astronomy and nature, people started thinking about it in other ways. That’s why many Americans now see it as an opportunity to welcome the new season with family and friends.

Those that are planning on celebrating winter’s arrive in style often like to make bar candy wrappers, wrap up banners and engraved, chocolate ad specialties a part of their fetes. Available in three different sizes (full, Belgian and Mini), the bar candy wrappers may be customized with winter solstice related imagery and text. As for the wrap up banners and engraved chocolates, they could be created to stand alone, compliment or match the bar candy wrappers completely. Oh, and by the way, the chocolate specialties’ packaging and shapes could be customized too.
Short, winter solstice poems or verses tend to be a popular way to adorn the wrappers and packaging. One that tends to work well is Thomas Campion’s Now Winter Nights Enlarge. In the poem, he talks about snow, fires in the hearth and wine. So it’s typically very easy to find illustrations to go along with the verses. The list of other poems to consider includes, but doesn’t end with Robert Louis Stevenson’s Winter Time and Goodwyn Barmby’s This is Not the Winter Time. Some folks also like to use portions of the lyrics from the 17th century song, To Drive the Cold Winter Away.

To obtain bar candy wrappers, wrap up banners and engraved chocolates for winter solstice events, please contact us today. Custom wrap up banners, engraved chocolate and bar candy wrapper orders are normally filled within 14 days. So orders placed now should arrive in plenty of time for December 21st celebrations.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Put Your Family Christmas Photo on a Custom Candy Bar Wrapper

Why settle for printing your family Christmas photo on an ordinary piece of paper when you could put it on a custom candy bar wrapper instead? Imagine how much better it will be to see your smiling faces on top of a delicious piece of chocolate.
What’s so great about custom candy bars for Christmas? A tasty piece of chocolate is going to stand out in a crowd of ordinary greeting cards or email messages. Scientists haven’t determined the exact figures, but it’s safe to say that most people would rather eat chocolate than a standard greeting card. You won’t have any trouble finding enough people who want chocolate, but if you had any leftovers you could even eat them yourself.

How are you going to share your custom candy bars? Give them to any of the family, friends and coworkers who usually receive a card. Make your year end gratuities more personal. Give your hair stylist and gardener a chocolate bar along with the tip. You may even get better service all year long.
When someone presents you with an unexpected gift you can reciprocate with a chocolate bar instead of being caught empty handed. When someone tells you they are trying to simplify the season by cutting back on gift exchanges, a chocolate bar is a nice way to show you care without going overboard.
Plus, the holidays are prime time for networking. Carry around a supply of candy bars to thank the people who’ve helped you in the past and introduce yourself to new contacts.

You are swamped with so many extra tasks during the busy holiday season. Contact us so we can simplify one item on your list.  Designing custom chocolate bars is our business so we can work with any ideas you have or provide suggestions for creating a thoughtful little gift that will please all your friends and family.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Personalized Candy: Perfect for Your Baby's Gender Reveal

After the official pregnancy announcement, the biggest news you have to share is your baby's gender. Hence, you need to make an occasion out of it. Don't just blurt out the gender of your baby; share the news in style. Use personalized candy for your baby's gender reveal.
Perfect as a Party Favor
If you're planning on having a party to reveal the gender of your baby to those you care about, then you'll definitely want to have a customized party favor to give to everyone who attends the party. With Sweet Wrapping's personalized candy, you get to decide what goes on the candy's wrapping paper. You can choose words and images that will help to proclaim whether your baby's a boy or a girl. After receiving the party favor from you, not only will your party guests be able to eat the candy, but they'll be able to keep the personalized wrapping as a souvenir.

Great to Send to Family and Friends
Not having a party to announce your baby's gender, but don't feel like using social media to tell your family and friends? Let them know with a gift in the mail. They'll appreciate you taking the time to share the special news with them and will have the wrapping to remind them about it for years.
Ideal for Keeping as a Memorabilia for Yourself

When ordering candy customized to share the news of your baby's gender, don't forget to order one for yourself. Years from now, when the baby's all grown up, you'll want to have the candy wrapper as a memorabilia. So definitely try to remember that when you contact us about getting personalized candy for your baby's gender reveal.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Promotional Candy Wrappers for Giving Thanks: Gratitude's Gotten Sweeter

The Thanksgiving rush is flapping its way into view and we can’t think of a better moment in time to show valued customers some gratitude. Can you? Although there are about as many ways to say thanks as there are to prepare a holiday feast, we think the sweetest way to communicate appreciation is through promotional candy wrappers. Like those meals we’re all looking forward to, they’re totally customizable and will likely leave recipients feeling like their part of one large, joyous family.
Our promotional candy wrappers come with your choice of paper sleeves, foils and sizes. The Belgian chocolate bar wrappers with gold or silver foils would be nice to hand out to loyal customers that shop often and place big orders. We’ve also got full size Hershey® and Hershey’s® Miniatures that would make lovely tokens of appreciation for small or medium size accounts. Plus, we can slightly alter some of the paper sleeves so they’d be appropriate for employees, long-time vendors and others who deserve to know that they’re valued.

Since Thanksgiving is an autumn holiday, the promotional candy wrappers could feature subtle references to the season or very bold ones. For a subtle reference, stick with the gold foils and choose paper sleeves festooned with colors normally found in the fall. For a bolder approach, go with graphics that are undeniably seasonal in nature. The extended list includes, but doesn’t drop off with bare trees, leaves and garden rakes.
If you want to go all out and show Thanksgiving specific images instead, feel free. We should also mention that our promotional candy wrappers may be designed to include a blank space on the back of each wrapper. They are a smart, easy way to include one-of-a-kind, handwritten thank-you notes with each chocolate bar. To learn more about them and other ways to give thanks with chocolate, please contact us.

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