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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Idea for a Bridal Shower Favor: Honeymoon Travel Theme

If you’re trying to come up with an idea for a bridal shower favor, how about a honeymoon travel theme? It’s a perfect party plan for today’s couples, and it’s easy to put together with delicious and inexpensive custom chocolate bars.
Simplified party planning: Even if a traditional wedding shower seems irrelevant, a honeymoon shower lets the happy couple share their joy with their friends. It’s great for the bride and groom who already have a house full of everything they need. They can get beach blankets or ski boots instead of a surplus steam iron. Plus, some people appreciate having more of a personal touch and less pressure compared to expecting cash.
It also makes life easier for the party hosts. The honeymoon destination will suggest the design for your custom chocolates as well as your invitations and decorations. You’ll even have a head start on what food and drink to serve and what games and activities to organize. Just focus on the local customs like drinking Caipirinhas in Brazil or serving mussels and beer if Belgium is on the itinerary.

Chocolate bridal shower favors: There are many ways to work the honeymoon angle into your custom candy wrappers. You could browse online for ideas including the natural scenery, local attractions or historic events. To present your favors you could fill an old box frame suitcase or steamer trunk full of your chocolate bars. Put a layer of pillows or crumpled paper underneath if it’s too deep. Another brilliant option is to create luggage tags out of paper or cloth and attach the favors to them.

Contact us to see how sweet it is to design a chocolate bar for your wedding shower or any personal or business event. You name it, and we can make it into an elegant and affordable chocolate party favor.

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Chocolate Favors Simplify Half Birthday Parties

Celebrating half birthdays is a real thing, and chocolate favors make the idea easier to swallow. You may think that planning two birthday parties a year is too much, or you may think that it doubles the fun. Either way, take a look at some good reasons to mark the occasion and eat delicious chocolate.
When half birthdays are a good idea: Do it for the children whose birthdays occur during summer break and holidays when so many of their classmates are away. A half birthday bash during the school year might keep them from feeling like they are missing out. Similarly, a six month birthday could make up for a party that had to be postponed due to illness or other emergencies. On a happier note, flexible scheduling could accommodate grandparents and other guests who travel long distances but never get to see birthday candles because they’re tied up on those dates. As a bonus, they may already be bringing gifts so you’re not fueling any extra consumption.
How to customize half birthday candy wrappers: You can use those half numbers on your wrappers to sneak in a lesson about fractions, decimals and percentages. Make it fun by shaping the image into an animal or displaying it on the side of a toy train. Of course, you could also stick with designs featuring birthday cakes and candles.

Other suggestions for celebrating half birthdays: You may want to explain from the start that this is a special event if you don’t want to buy twice as many birthday cakes every year. On the other hand, if you keep it simple, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the extra festivities on a regular basis.

We’re your full service destination for custom wrapped chocolates for personal and business needs. Contact us today to see how easy it is to treat your guests and customers to one of a kind treats.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Unique Graduation Favors Delight Guests

The summer before a child's senior year of high school is a busy and sentimental time for parents. In the middle of planning senior photos, college visits and helping your child get ready to finish out high school strong, it can be fun to plan small elements of the graduation party in advance.
Thinking about graduation favors for the party can be a fun element of party planning that will help you look forward to your child's accomplishments. When you plan to give a gift to the people who attend your child's graduation party, you want it to be something that they will actually enjoy, but also something that honors the graduate.
A great idea for a party favor is a candy bar with a custom wrapper.  You can give your guests a delicious treat but use pictures of the graduate, or quotes from the graduate or even list the graduates specific educational accomplishments right on the wrapper.  If your child is a great artist you can use their art as the design for the candy wrapper. You could also consider having all of your child's favorite teachers write a sentence or two about them and design a wrapper that incorporates all of their words. You can customize the wrappers with any design you want. Your guests will love receiving such a creative and fun party favor. Plus, who doesn't love chocolate?

If you're ready to have a little fun as you celebrate the graduation of your child, please contact us we make amazing custom candy bar wrappers for any occasion.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Chocolate Wrappers Help Make Labor Day Weekend Celebrations Sweeter

An estimated 155+ million Americans are expected to recognize the Labor Day holiday weekend this year. It’s a holiday that’s been around since the early 1880s and there is no better way to sweeten the celebration than introduce custom chocolate wrappers into the mix. After all, some of the earliest Labor Day participants were chocolate mill workers in Massachusetts.
That’s where our country’s commercial chocolate mill history started in the 1700s. So it would be fun to create chocolate wrappers that feature early mill workers or chocolate factories. There are photos of the famous Walter Baker Chocolate Factory in Lower Mills Village available on public domain sites as well as images of other early Chocolatiers. Thus, finding enough of them to create remarkable chocolate wrappers for Labor Day celebrations shouldn’t be difficult at all.

When creating chocolate wrappers for Labor Day events, factory images are not the only design elements to consider. Quotes about labor unions, activists, hard work, the holiday itself and chocolate lovers would certainly spice things up a bit too. Great quotes to consider are those by Ovid, Mark Twain, Martin Luther King Jr., Confucius and Thomas Jefferson.  
Whatever you decide, at Sweet Wrappings, we can help bring your Labor Day chocolate wrapper vision to life in no time at all. Our in-house experts are more than willing to come up with a holiday chocolate wrapper design for you too. So you don’t have to labor over which design elements would be best for your party or business promotion.

At present, we have a 24-wrapper minimum order in place but can make 5,000 or more customized items should you need that many. We can also provide the silver foils to go along with the custom chocolate wrappers for your Labor Day shindig. To learn more about it and kick around a few design ideas with our pros, please contact us today.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wedding Candy Bar Wrappers for an Unplugged Wedding

Wedding candy bar wrappers can smooth the way for one of the most sensitive and popular wedding trends of recent years, the unplugged wedding. If you’re a bride who dreams about your loved ones looking at you instead of their smart phone screens, see how a little customized chocolate can help everyone to cope better.
Like the name suggests, an unplugged wedding is a ceremony where the guests give up using their cellphones and other digital devices for a while. The practice started with celebrities who were trying to control the media coverage of their big event. Now, more and more couples are asking their guests to disconnect until after they have tied the knot.
Advantages of an unplugged wedding: You don’t have to be a Bridezilla to want to be the center of attention when you’re standing before the altar. You may also want to avoid hurt feelings if you had to leave some people off the guest list due to expenses or other reasons. On a practical level, the official photographer may be able to do their job better with less interference from a crowd of people angling to get their own shots.
Logistics: Wedding planners recommend letting your guests know your preferences early and often. You may want to include the information in your invitations, website, wedding program and pre-ceremony announcements, as well as on your candy wrappers.  

Chocolate wedding favors:  Chocolate will soften the anxiety for people who may feel a little naked without their devices. You could include favors in the invitation or have someone hand out chocolates on the way into the ceremony. A simple thank you for unplugging may be all you need to say. For a whimsical touch, print an image of a smartphone on the wrapper with the message displayed on the screen.
Sweet Wrappings has the perfect favor for any happy couple whether your wedding is going to be phone free or full on Instagram. Contact us for friendly service, delicious chocolate and custom wrappers

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Make the Surprise Party Special with Anniversary Custom Candy Wrappers.

You know that couple, the ones who are celebrating their 10th, 25th or 50th wedding anniversary and are too humble to plan a party for themselves. But you want to make their day special. You want to plan a surprise party they’ll never forget!
As you plan an anniversary party for the couple whose love inspires you, remember to include the little things that make a party special, like a little bit of sweet happiness with our anniversary custom candy wrappers.
Here are some ideas to kick start your creativity:

1. Personalize a candy wrapper with a picture of the happy couple on their wedding day. On the back, write lyrics from their wedding song for a reminder of their special day. Don’t forget to surprise them by playing their song during the party so they can share a slow dance. Bring tissues too because you might need them!
2. Customize the back of a wrapper with facts about the couple as individuals. Some ideas might be “Scared of spiders” or “Snores at night.” Then have guests match up the facts with the right spouse!
3. Reach out to the guests ahead of time and ask them to send their own personal messages to print on a wrapper. Track down the best man or maid of honor and write their message on a wrapper with a picture of the wedding party on the front. Or ask the couple’s children to send in a funny family vacation picture and a short poem for their parents’ special celebration.

The possibilities are endless to get creative in your party planning. Contact us to wrap up sweet surprises for the special couple.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hershey Bar Wrappers Make Your Give-Away an Advertising Win.

Convention floors are full of businesses all trying to promote their products and services. Since large conventions often attract thousands of people, its a great way to introduce new people to your business, but each of those people are being inundated by other companies just as eager to make an impression. The competition to stand out at conferences, conventions and tradeshows has led companies to give things away and coined the popular convention term S.W.A.G. (Stuff We All Get.)
The customers you are targeting are just as keen to get freebies as you are to hand them out.  However, a lot of companies miss a great advertising opportunity by giving away S.W.A.G that is not appealing to their potential customers. Stickers or magnets with your company information are likely to be thrown away.  Business cards and buttons usually won't get picked up in the first place.  Pens are useful, but so common on a convention floor that they don't stand out.  
Candy is a big hit at a convention because people enjoy candy for themselves, and it is also something they can bring home to their children.  However, giving away a piece of candy does not guarantee that anyone will remember your business, unless of course you have custom hershey bar wrappers with your business information right on the chocolate.

Custom wrappers are a great way to get your information in the hands of your new customers. People are always amazed to see a custom Hershey bar wrapper.  It is the kind of S.W.A.G. that is likely to get shown around a little simply because of the novelty. You can create the design of the wrapper front and back so it perfectly represents your company.  You can make it bold, funny or informational, even experiment with different designs to see which is the most popular.

If you're ready to try a unique form of advertising that will be remembered by your customers contact us and find out how simple it is to customize your own Hershey bar wrappers.

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