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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Great Favor For Summer A Party Offers Personalized Fun

Summer is such a fun time to throw a party. Now that summer is in full swing, if you haven't invited your friends over for food and fun at your house, or a cook-out in your backyard, now is the time to make some fun plans. 
If you start now, you can plan the best end of summer blow out to celebrate the last fun weeks of the warm temperatures and exciting fun events. If you want your guests to remember your party forever then you should definitely make sure that you offer a favor for your party, personalized in a way that will make your guests laugh or bring a smile to their face.

If you want a truly customized party favor, then a personalized candy bar wrapper is a great option. You get to design the wrapper exactly how you like and your unique wrappers will be sent to you so you can slip them over any standard size Hershey bar. Your wrapper can have photos or quotes, whatever you can imagine. You could even put the party information like the date, time, location and RSVP details right on the wrapper and hand out candy bars to invite your guests to the party.
Whether you give out your party-specific candy bars to invite guests or as a favor at the party, your friends and family are sure to love having a treat to enjoy and a wrapper to keep as a great memory!
For more information on how simple it is to create your personalized candy bar wrapper, please contact us.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Candy Wrapper Invitations: Perfect for Your Willy Wonka Themed Party

Are you currently brainstorming a theme for your upcoming summer party? Then consider the Willy Wonka theme. It's a delightful theme that will thrill your invited guests.
Send Out the Golden Tickets
As you probably already know from either reading the book or watching the movie, a golden ticket is needed to get into Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. So for your party, send out golden tickets as party invitations. But not just any golden tickets; get personalized candy wrapper invitations with a golden look to them. This will certainly get your invited guests in the mood for some Willy Wonka fun.

Make Sure the Invited Party Guests Know About Willy Wonka
A Willy Wonka themed party wouldn't be much fun if the guests in attendance haven't a clue who Willy Wonka is. So before the day of the party, make sure everyone has either seen the movie or watched the book. To do this, you can talk to the parents of your children's friends beforehand. Alternatively, you could send a copy of the book with the candy wrapper invitation, and leave instructions for the invitee to read the book before coming to the party.

Buy Lots of Chocolate for the Party
If you're having a Willy Wonka themed party at your house, then you must convert your house into a chocolate factory. You can accomplish this by buying lots of chocolate treats to serve at your party. Besides candy bars, a chocolate fondue would also be nice to have.
Ready to become Willy Wonka at your summer party? Contact us to get your golden tickets today.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Custom Designed Wrappers Make Candy Bars Fun Wedding Favors

The summer wedding season is coming soon and couples looking for a unique candy wedding favor will fall in love with Sweet Wrappings' custom candy bar wrappers. The wrappers are the size for a standard Hershey bar and there are endless possible designs. The designs are for both the front and the back of the wrapper. Shoppers have pages of design choices to provide inspiration. Sentimental or artistic, flowery or modern, spots or stripes? Couples can even add a favorite picture. This is just the beginning. Now, decide on the text to add. Just names and the date or a favorite quote? the menu for the reception? lyrics of a favorite song?

If the wedding couples have a special idea of their own, Sweet Wrappings is happy to collaborate to create a perfect design. The possibilities are as endless as imagination and completely fun. What makes this both entertaining and thoughtful is that after the candy is gone (It is chocolate after all), guests have a keepsake that really shows this unique couple's personality. Open the wrapper up and flatten it out to put in a scrapbook or a shadow box with other remembrances. The special wrapper now becomes a unique memento.

In addition to full size candy bar wrappers, Sweet Wrappings, also, has customized wrappers for the little snack-sized bars. There is no end to the fun! Couples planning a summer wedding may worry about the heat melting the bars in the mail. In this case, just the wrappers can be ordered. Candy bars can be purchased separately and then put in the wrappers. With so many tasty possibilities, contact us with any questions or custom design ideas. Congratulations and enjoy a sweet life!

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Candy Wrappers: Don't Let Summer Promotional Events End in a Meltdown

Summer is no time to put your company's promotional efforts on hold. This is especially the case given everything that is scheduled to take place nationally. The list of examples includes, but doesn't end with National Make a Difference to Children Month, Family Reunion Month, Independence Day and Labor Day. The key to making those events come off without a chocolate meltdown is to order candy wrappers.

Candy bar wrappers obviously won't melt during transport. So, you don't have to contend with refrigerated shipping or special delivery times. However, if you absolutely want to use chocolate ad specialties during the summer months as well, we can oblige. Our team will arrange to have the custom chocolates packaged in coolers and shipped out to you as requested for an extra fee.Just remember that the packaging materials we use to keep the bars cool won't last forever. As such, the bars will need to be immediately brought to a cool, dry place once the delivery man brings the cooler to your requested destination. Ideally, they should remain in that cool place until you are ready to hand them out during your promotional event.

If you don't have a cool, dry place to store the pre-wrapped bars before the event, stick with the candy wrappers. It doesn't take long to affix them to standard candy bars. As such, you could feasibly wait until the last minute and pick up the chocolate bars locally so as to avoid the need for extended storage space. Plus, any leftover candy wrappers from the summer months could be tucked away until your company's next round of warm weather promotions.
To learn more about ordering candy wrappers or chocolate ad specialties for summer marketing efforts, please contact us at Sweet Wrappings. We can go over the finer details of the shipping process with you at that time should you have any further questions about placing a chocolate bar or candy wrapper order..

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Discount Wedding Favors Take a Bite out of Record High Average Wedding Costs

The cost of the typical American wedding has soared to a record high of $31,213 according to a new survey. If you are a couple looking to keep your budget under control, discount wedding favors in chocolate are one solution.
That $30,000 plus figure comes from the Knot who surveyed more than 15,000 couples who were headed to the altar. They also found that almost half of all couples (45%) go over budget for their big day, and another 23% do not even have a budget to begin with.
Much of the conventional advice for keeping wedding costs under control was based on cutting back on the guest list. Now, that does not even seem to help much. The Knot says that weddings are getting smaller even as the price keeps rising.

If you have your heart set on sharing your day with all the family and friends you love, there is only so much you can do to whittle down the list. You probably also want a dress that lives up to your dreams. Plus, as much as your guests love you, everyone is going to be in a better mood if the food is good.
So, where do you cut back without sacrificing the wedding you always wanted? You can start by spending less on favors. Our custom chocolates are delicious, and you can design the wrapper with any photos, art and messages that you want. In fact, our experienced and talented staff can even help you with the design so you have more time to bargain shop for all those things that are harder to economize on.
Make your wedding special and affordable so you carry away beautiful memories instead of crushing debts. Customized chocolates are the kind of discount wedding favors your guests and your budget will love. Contact us for friendly service and delicious chocolate.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Best Party Favor For Graduation Celebrations

It is graduation season!  There is nothing quite like the excitement of seeing your child's years of hard work pay off with a diploma. As you celebrate their accomplishments, you can show all of your friends and family just how proud you are of your new graduate.

You don't have to worry about doing a little bragging, when you put all of that bragging on a candy bar wrapper. That's right, you can order customized candy bar wrappers that have your graduate's name and photos as well as some of their biggest accomplishments or favorite memories. When your customized candy bar wrappers arrive, just slip them over a standard Hershey bar and they will make the perfect, delicious graduation party favor.
After your guests enjoy the delicious chocolate inside the wrapper as a thank you for coming to your graduation party (and for the ways that they supported your graduate through the years,) they can keep the wrapper you have personally designed as a memento of the happy day you've celebrated together. They might put it into a little scrap book, display it on their refrigerator or even use it as a bookmark!
Whether your child is graduating from high school or college it is a day worthy of commemorating with a big surprise.  Candy bar wrappers designed just for them will definitely be a memory they will cherish for years to come.
If you want to find out firsthand just how simple and affordable it is to design your own candy bar wrapper, please contact us.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Baby Shower Favors

   Are you planning a baby shower? Although where it will be held, who will be there, and other details are important, have you considered what sorts of baby shower favors you will have at the shower? If not, read on for some new and exciting ideas for baby shower favors.
   One idea for a baby shower that everyone there will love would have to be candy. Although candy in itself is a great party favor, you can even have the wrappers personalized with a baby-related phrase or even a photograph of the little one in utero. If this sounds like something that might interest you, do not hesitate to contact us.
Personalized Bottle Openers
      Another party favor that would be an excellent idea to have would be personalized bottle openers. They can be personalized with a baby-related theme that will enhance the theme of your baby shower. Not only will these items be cute, eye-catching party favors but they will also be useful ones as well.
Baby-Themed Card/Photograph Holders
     One item that you might consider having  as a party favor at your baby shower could be a baby-themed card or photograph holder. This is another gift that is adorable as well as useful. The card/photograph holders can be in the shape of a monkey, elephant, baby bottle, or some other shape that brings babies to mind. 
Baby-Themed Bookmarks
  Yet another item you might consider as a party favor at your baby shower could be some sort of baby-themed bookmark. How can a bookmark be baby-themed? you may find yourself wondering. Many bookmarks can be found in small boxes that boast "A star is born!" or even "Mommy to Bee" in the shape of a bumble bee. These are just a couple of examples. You can simply browse and find one that fits the theme of your baby shower.

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