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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Wedding Favor: Cheap But Awesome Candy Bar Wrappers

As you're sure to know by now, just about everything that goes into a wedding comes with a hefty price tag. Thus, in an effort to reduce your final wedding cost, you ought to cut back on spending wherever you can. And one way to do just that is to limit the amount of money spent on your wedding favor. Cheap wedding favor does not have to appear cheap; not if you go with awesome personalized candy bar wrappers anyway.
Everyone Loves Candy
Even as adults, it's hard to resist candy. So if you're worried about your wedding guests not remembering to take the wedding favor home with them as they leave, use personalized candy. They'll easily grab for the candy without any reminders from you.
Wedding Guests Like Nice Mementos
A good wedding favor should also serve as a memento from you wedding day. And that's precisely what your wedding guests will have with your personalized candy bars. Years after the fact, the holder of the candy bar wrapper will be able to look at it and fondly remember being a part of your special day.

You Can Add Photos

Sure, the names of the bride and groom will suffice for personalization on the wrapper of the candy bar. However, if you really want to wow your wedding guests, be sure to add a personalized photo. What type of photo? Any picture of you and your beloved that holds a special meaning to the two of you will do. Contact us to discuss ordering options of your wedding favor.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Design Candy Wrapper Party Favors for Your Company's Post-Holiday Holiday Party

If you are like a lot of businesses these days, your annual holiday party may be scheduled some time after the New Year when most Christmas trees have already been dragged to the curb. This can be the ideal moment to design candy wrapper party favors for your company’s post-holiday holiday party.

Benefits of Post-Holiday Holiday Parties: Think of all the advantages. You can pick any venue you want instead of the only restaurant in town that was still taking reservations. Even if you are using your own office space, you may be able to negotiate discounts with caterers during their slow season.
Most of all scheduling is a breeze. Your employees will have fewer conflicts with other holiday preparations, and they’ll be back from visiting Grandma’s house. They will probably feel more relaxed too.

Party Activities: Do what you and your employees want. Maybe that means playing traditional Christmas music and Secret Santa. Maybe you want a more humorous theme like Santa taking a beach vacation after the holiday rush or building a monument to unwanted fruitcakes.

Custom Chocolate Favors for your Post-Holiday Holiday Party: The party favors are easy too when you hand out custom chocolates. Think of clever or inspiring designs to create the right message for your employees. Plus, they get to eat chocolate! That beats a Christmas sweater that doesn’t fit and has to be returned.
Your employees may even appreciate you and your chocolates more in January when not much is else is going on, rather than in December when all those parties may become one big blur.

Contact us for delicious and affordable party favors that will delight your guests whenever you gather together to celebrate the special occasions in your personal and professional life. We specialize in custom chocolates and friendly customer service.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Personalized Candy Bar Wrappers Make Sweet Business Cards

We all have one. It's that one drawer in your desk, or kitchen, that is brimming with stacks of business cards. Some you might need, some day. Others will inevitably be lost to the recycle bin or trash can, because you forgot who gave it to you in the first place.
  In a world permeated with paper business cards, it is important to find ways to leave potential customers with clever ways to remember your company and stand out from the pack. Using bar candy personalized with your business name and contact information is a fun and tasty way to make an impact.
Of course, candy is special. So you can use personalized candy to make others feel special and you will be remembered!
Here is a list of great places to leave a sweet treat along with your company's card.
  • Open Houses
  • Gift Bags and Baskets
  • Company Parties
  • Business Fairs
  • One-on-One Meetings
  • Mixers and Social Events
  • Conventions and Trade Shows
  • County and State Fairs
  • Restaurants
  • Doctors' Offices
  • Community Centers
  • Hair Salons
  • Personal Connections
  • Teachers' Lounge at schools
  • Staff break rooms at local stores and shops
If you own, or operate, a unique type of business in a very competitive market, don't be afraid to be creative and have fun with your advertizing. Think outside the box, or the proverbial "junk drawer", so your business card doesn't get tossed out with the others! Leave behind your information everywhere you go, and give potential clients a sweet impression.
Can we help answer any questions about our products? Please, contact us!

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Custom Chocolate Bar Wrapper Fundraiser

Does your class need to raise money for prom or for a holiday dance? Maybe your cheer leading team needs new uniforms or your church club could use some extra funds to plan an outing. Perhaps the local senior citizens’ dance needs a new D.J. Whatever reason you have for wanting to hold a fundraiser, we can help you create the perfect chocolate bar wrapper to meet your needs. We can customize your wrappers to represent your school, church, club, or other organization, and we can even add your photo if you like.

Selling candy bars isn’t a new idea for fundraisers, but it is a tried and true idea. Most people are willing to “invest” in a candy bar where they may not be as willing to sign up for subscriptions or to make other, larger, purchases. It also tends to be a lot easier to get people to support your cause when that cause is custom printed on the chocolate bar wrapper. Each person who buys a candy bar not only gets a reminder of doing a good deed, but he or she also gets a neat treat.
Keep in mind that a custom chocolate bar wrapper can also turn plain candy into a nice gift. This would be a great item to hand out for graduation or to give out as party favors for prom and other school dances. Any school activity can benefit from items custom designed to show off your school spirit.
Please contact us for more information, and we’ll help you get started. This is one sweet way to raise extra money!

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Personalized Candy Bar Wrappers, for Christmas

This year, when you are deciding how to set your beautiful Christmas table, consider adding something new. Instead of buying or making place cards, use candy with personalized candy bar wrappers, and you'll have a fun, new way to designate each person's place at the table. Not only will this add a nice, custom touch to your other festive decorations, but it will also give your guests a gift to take home with them later. What a sweet way to wish your friends and family members a happy holiday.

Personalized candy bar wrappers, which can be terrific for many occasions, add an unexpected but pleasant surprise to holiday parties and dinners. If you don’t usually use place cards, you can simply set up a pretty basket filled with custom candy bars so that your guests will see them when they walk through the front door. It’s not just candy, but candy that's been personalized especially for them! What a great way to welcome guests into your home.

After dinner, when the dishes have been washed, you can place candy on top of each person’s clean dish or on top of the leftovers you are sending home with them. Personalized candy bar wrappers, which don't only have to be used as place cards or welcoming gifts; can also be used as a way to indicate which dish belongs to each guest when they get ready to go home. This would make such a lovely thank you for guests who brought a side dish or dessert.

There are so many creative ways to use these wraps to enhance your holiday parties and dinners that the possibilities are endless. Sweet Wrappings has plenty of styles and colors from which to choose, to help you create personalized candy wrappers to complement your décor or holiday decorations.

Contact us today. We can’t wait to get started on your order and help make your holidays even happier.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

It's College Recruiting Day -- Why Business Specialty Candy Wrappers Will Make You Stand Out

Every year, companies flock to college campuses hoping to hire fresh faces for their growing businesses.  College recruiting can be competitive, with each company vying for the best and brightest that school has to offer.  For the students, it's an overwhelming and exciting event, an opportunity for them to learn more about some of the top companies in their region and seek out opportunities they may not have known existed.  Recruitment Day is the day when everyone, student and company, wants to leave a positive, impression that will hopefully lead to new careers.  A day like this is the perfect opportunity to leave a lasting impression, one that will keep your company at the top of the students' lists, such as an edible business card.

At Sweet Wrappings ( your company can create business specialty candy wrappers using your own design, such as a photograph or company name and address, which will be placed on a wrapper that is then placed around a Hershey's candy bar.  That same information can also be placed on a Hershey's miniature, if you prefer to have a variety of flavors.  Concerned about the weather?  Worried the heat of day will damage your product?  At Sweet Wrappings you can order the labels without the chocolate bars, and do the wrapping yourself.  Your labels will be created using your special design and mailed to you with complete instructions for assembling in the office.
Heading to a small, liberal arts college with a graduating class under 2,000 students?  What about that Top 50 university with 10,000 graduates?  No problem!  The pricing page at Sweet Wrappings ( will assist you with ordering 50 or over 5,000.  You can find the prices for full sized Hershey bars, Hershey miniatures and wrappers as well as information about the shipping and handling process.

Using business special candy wrappers to recruit students will make you stand out and will put smiles on the faces of each student who takes your edible business card.  Head over to Sweet Wrappings and put in your order today.  If at any time you need assistance, or have a question, please feel free to contact us.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Wedding Reception Favor: Custom Chocolates

For a Christmas wedding reception favor, wrap custom chocolates in a napkin for a DIY Christmas cracker. They’re perfect for the couple who loves all things Victoriana or wants a favor that gives a holiday feel to your wedding reception.
Miniature Chocolates to Fill Your Christmas Crackers: Our miniature chocolates provide the perfect filling. You can print them with any design you like such as pictures of your smiling faces or appropriate quotes or symbols like holly and bells. Maybe your Christmas crackers will bring back fond memories of your childhood or they’ll be a new tradition for you that will now take on extra meaning each holiday season as you remember your wedding.

Making Your Christmas Crackers: Christmas crackers are a familiar custom in England and other countries. They're cardboard tubes covered in tissue paper so they look like wrapped candy. You crack them open to find goodies inside.

Your DIY Christmas crackers will be so easy that even small children can make them. For a very affordable price, you’ll have a favor that looks elegant on your table and will delight your guests with the delicious chocolate they find inside. All you need are your dinner napkins plus cardboard tubes, ribbons, and chocolate. Wrap the napkin around the tube, pour in the chocolates, and tie a ribbon on both ends.
You can even glue or pin a name tag on the outside of each of your napkins to personalize the favor and complete your place settings.

Planning a wedding during the holidays can be especially challenging in addition to all the joy. Let us make your life easier with creative designs and friendly service that provide delicious chocolate favors to celebrate your special day and share with your loved ones. All you have to do is contact us.

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